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Travel is what I have been focusing my energy on lately, and recently I had AHA moment where I can simply state that where your focus goes energy flows. I am finding out that my travel series have been simply because I have been focusing my energy on TRAVEL and going places with my family. And lately I have been exploring LAW OF ATTRACTION to a great deal which is connected to my travels. I am still newbie at this law stuff, but it is kind of fun and makes my life so much better.

This post sort of ties to another post I have recently wrote about service and helping others Feels Good to Help Others. Click on the link to review entire post specifically where I use a car as an example how this law & energy really works.

Back to our post at hand. So last week I was listening to one of my online mentors Tony Robbins and he talks about this quite a bit, but then somehow I stumbled upon Oprah Winfrey show about movie called Secret. She had panelist explaining the attraction to this movie and how they have been using Law of Attraction in their lives. I was fascinated by this that I had decided to focus on this a bit more and do my research. How is it that I am finding this movie now? Is it coincidence, perhaps not.

Recently, I want to say last 3-4 weeks I have been feeling kind of stuck, you know similar issues when a writer has a writer block. Well, I have been sort of in a weird mood, not posting much, not doing live posts or even engaging as much. From previous experiences, I have learned to allow for this to happen, as this allows me to grow more. It allows me to learn few more things about myself and my own business path. I have been thinking about making certain BOLD moves, but I have not done it yet. So when I get into this kind of stage of being stuck, I embrace it, focus on important things (must haves) and my family activities. While I am feeling this way, I tune in and tap into my MOTIVIATION resources and read whatever seems to flow or listen audio, video or podcasts. I simply allow this process to happen as I had been before and certain growth happens from it.

So while I was listening to these panelist I really got the urge to explore the Law of Attraction and focus on reading up more on it. My next few weeks are all about that and learning about this new chapter. I view my life as series of chapters. Some of them are intentional, caused by my own actions, some are caused JUST BECAUSE. Those are the series I have no control over and again, I embrace it and allow my own curiosity to take me where I need to go.

Here is what I will be exploring in great detail:

  1. Secret Movie (link provided) – this was published in 2006 and I am just hearing about it now. I have heard people talk about it in the last few years (3-5 years), but I have not explored it or researched to start implementing into my daily lifestyle…As always, this mama is all about personal growth and learning from those who have done it, taught, practiced and preach about it…
  2. Ed Lester, Abundance Coach (link provided) – His information seems very interesting. He even provides steps to take to start practicing this.
  3. Top 10 Books recommended to read on Law of Attraction. I will be trying 3 of them for my own personal growth. More on that soon.

Going to some of the awesome things I have been doing lately, I am connecting it more to the FOCUS and LAW OF ATTRACTION and I was doing this before even knowing I was doing it. I can only imagine what I can attract when I see this movie and start reading books that are scheduled to arrive in 2 days.

I have a feeling I will be writing about this experience soon. Stay tuned.

Happy Healing, Stronger, Better and Brighter

Coach Sabina

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